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When the Earth moves in front of the Sun and Moon and throws its shadow on the Moon, a lunar eclipse occurs. A partial Chandra Grahan 2023 in India date and time is October 28, 2023, from 11:31 PM to 02:24 IST. Only a portion of the moon passes into Earth’s shadow during a partial lunar eclipse, giving the illusion that it is “biting” into the moon’s surface. According to NASA, the side of the moon that faces Earth will seem black because of Earth’s shadow. 

Chandra Grahan 2023 In India Date And Time

Lunar eclipses happen when the Earth passes in front of the sun and the moon, casting a shadow on the moon’s surface. Because they only occur under a full moon, these occurrences are fascinating to see. When the moon passes under the shadow of the Earth, it will cause a partial Chandra Grahan 2023 in India Date And Time on 28 Oct, from 01:06 to 02:23 IST. 

From places where the moon is above the horizon, such as Asia, Russia, Africa, the Americas, Europe, Antarctica, and Oceania, this eclipse will be visible. The moon, which will be positioned 62° above the horizon, will be visible from New Delhi in the southwesterly sky. around the Chandra Grahan 2023 India Date And Time greatest point in India, around 1:45 AM, 12% of the lunar surface will be obscured.

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Lunar Eclipse 2023 in India

India will be able to see the partial moon eclipse on October 28, 2023. The moon eclipse in New Delhi will start at 11:31 PM and end at 03:36 AM. For around 15 minutes, the eclipse will be visible. Over Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, North America, North/East South America, the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic, and Antarctica, at least a portion of the partial lunar eclipse should be visible, according to Time and Date.

Eclipse  Lunar Eclipse 2023 or Chandra Grahan 2023
Date  28th October 2023
Lunar Eclipse Day Saturday
Start Time (New Delhi) 11:31 PM
End Time (New Delhi) 3:36 AM (October 29, 2023)

If the sky is clear, lunar eclipses are often visible from any location on the night side of the Earth. The enthralling lunar display will take place between 01:06 and 02:23 IST. This celestial display will be enjoyed by stargazers across a number of continents, including Asia, America, Europe, and Africa. The moon eclipse will start in New Delhi at 11:31 PM and end at 03:36 AM. The Moon will rise or set during the eclipse in certain locations, while the eclipse will be visible from other locations just in part. 

Chandra Grahan 2023 In India Date And Time

How To Watch the Lunar Eclipse?

If the weather is clear, Indians may see the lunar eclipse on Oct 28. While portions of the eclipse will be visible across Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans as well as Antarctica, skywatchers in India will be able to see the complete eclipse. 

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On 28 Oct 5, 01:06 and 02:23., the lunar eclipse may be seen safely with the unaided eye. Viewers may utilize a telescope or a pair of binoculars to improve the experience. Several YouTube channels will provide live broadcasting of the lunar eclipse.

Chandra Grahan 2023 Beliefs In Hinduism

In astrology, Rahu and Ketu are often regarded as unfavorable celestial bodies. The Sun and the Moon are said to be Rahu’s two main foes, and it is said that he consumes them on occasion, causing solar and lunar eclipses. 

An eclipse is seen as an unlucky occurrence in Hinduism since it is said that the Sun and Moon gods experience agony during one. Several safety measures are suggested both during the Sutak period and during eclipses.

Three Types Of Lunar Eclipses

There are a few various kinds of lunar eclipses, the most common of which being total lunar eclipses but also include partial lunar eclipses and penumbral lunar eclipses. A total lunar eclipse happens when the Moon entirely passes through the umbra, or dark shadow, of the Earth. 

A penumbral lunar eclipse happens when the whole Moon passes into the Earth’s outer shadow, or penumbra, as opposed to a partial lunar eclipse, which only involves a segment of the Moon doing so. A partial lunar eclipse will be visible in parts of Australia, the Eastern Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia during the second lunar eclipse of 2023.

What Precautions You Must Take During Chandra Grahan 2023?

  • Drik Panchang advises against eating or drinking during Sutak. For youngsters, ill, pregnant women, and the elderly, meals are limited to one Prahar or three hours.
  • Since Sutak begins, pregnant women must stay inside until the eclipse.
  • Knives and scissors may harm babies, therefore pregnant women should not sew or handle them.
  • Basil leaf with pre-prepared meals may lessen Sutak air pollution.
  • Additionally, oil massage, combing hair, and cleaning teeth are prohibited.
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