What is it? Precautions & All you need to know!

Recently you might have read or heard news about the outbreak of Nipah virus in Kerala, many people might be wondering whether it will spread across the country like Covid. To get the answer for all your queries such as: what is it? What’s the symptoms? How does it spread?, etc, to know all about its stay tuned and get the detailed information.

Nipah Virus Symptoms 

Before knowing the symptoms of the new viral virus in Kerala, India, firstly you should know what it is. It is a type of variety, which can infect both humans and animals, one who gets affected with it faces severe illnesses, which include fever, brain inflammation, and in some cases can even be a cause of death. It is a bat-borne, zoonotic virus, generally it is transmitted from animals to humans, if an individual gets it tough with infected one, it can also spread human to human.

As of 15th September 2023, a total number of six cases of the Nipah Virus is detected in Kerala’s Kozhikode, sad to say that but of six, four died because of severe illness, you can make sense how danger this virus is, as per reliable media source, a total of 706 individuals are speculated to be infected. To avoid getting affected by this virus, it is important to adopt proper precautions,‌ whether you belong to Kerala, its neighbouring state or other, you must know about symptoms.

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What are the Symptoms of Nipah Virus?

Nipah virus, whose a few cases are recently detected in Kerala, India are categorized in three: Asymptomatic infections, Acute respiratory infection and Fatal encephalitis. One who gets infected with it initially experiences flu-like symptoms such as fever, headaches, muscle pain, vomiting, and a sore throat. A few days later getting infected, more severe manifestations occur, such as dizziness, drowsiness, and neurological issues.

Nipah Virus Symptoms

As per WHO, some of the infected individuals also face respiratory issues and atypical pneumonia, and they can even experience encephalitis and seizures, which led the individual to coma. After being infected with the Nipah virus, within 4 to 14 days, one may start to experience symptoms, in some cases it even takes upto 45 days to show symptoms.

What precautions are necessary to avoid Nipah virus infection?

As per World Health Organization, if a Nipah virus outbreak occurs on any territory of a Nation, the residents must take these precautions, which are listed below.

  • Stay away from sick pigs and bats, because there is a high probability that one will get infected.
  • During the outbreak of this virus, it is mandatory to wash hands frequently with soap and water, one can even use sanitizer.
  • Don’t even come close to those foods or drinks which are touched by a bat or pig, or an infected individual.
  • Make a proper social distance from infected individuals, and don’t sit or sleep, where he or she is.
  • One must avoid contact with blood and body fluids of an infected individual or animal.

Nipah Virus Treatment 

Yet, there is no treatment available for this most contagious variety, scientists are working on it since the if was detected firstly in 1999, even after almost a year not even a drug is prepared to cure it. That’s why one must adopt all precautions carefully, because if an individual gets infected he or she may leave the world, and infect others too.

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It is important to note that, we have written this article on the basis of details available on the various reliable sources, we have published this blog just for education purposes, to get detailed information about the Nipah virus symptoms please contact an expert or meet a doctor. We i.e. RajNEETUG doesn’t claim any responsibility for any information mentioned here.

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