TS Govt PRC Wage Revisions & Benefits

K Chandrashekhar Rao, the chief minister, approved the new Pay Revision Committee’s nomination on Monday (PRC). In addition to former IAS officer B Ramaiah as a member, the Committee would be led by retired IAS officer N Sivashankar. Orders in this respect were issued by Chief Secretary A Santhi Kumari. In addition, the State government said that government IR Telangana Employees and retirees would get five percent interim relief (IR) until the PRC developed its recommendations.

IR Telangana Employees

The committee’s main goal is to provide updated pay rates for retirees and state government workers. It has been given six months to provide its suggestions to the government. The Finance department has been instructed to assign the resources and personnel required to guarantee the PRC runs smoothly. The CM’s office announced the same in a message on Tuesday night, benefiting the 3.5 lakh state IR Telangana Employees with a 5% interim relief (IR).

After weighing Telangana workers’ present pay scales in comparison to those of other State IR Telangana Employees and the Indian government, the PRC will formulate its recommendations. The Commission will also take into account the increase in state revenue, the state government’s pledges to make current and future investments, development initiatives, social programs, and other factors.


To provide suggestions for new pay scales for state government workers, the CM has recently established the PRC. The model code of conduct will be enforced at any moment. Orders were issued by Chief Secretary Santhi Kumari designating retired IAS officer N Sivashankar as the PRC Chairman and retired IAS officer B Ramaiah as a member of the Committee. Within six months, the PRC must provide its report to the government.

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The PRC would consider factors such as Telangana workers’ present pay scales in comparison to other states and the Center’s pay scales while formulating recommendations, according to the Government Order (GO-159). It must also take into account the state’s increasing income, the state government’s pledges to make current and future investments, welfare and development initiatives, etc. The PRC needs employees and money, and the finance department has been urged to provide both.

IR Telangana Employees

TS PRC 2023 Master Scale An In-Depth Analysis

On March 22, 2023, the Telangana Chief Minister fulfilled a pre-election pledge by introducing the 11th Pay Revision Commission (PRC) in the Assembly. This declaration raises the retirement age from 58 to 61, among other adjustments. The last PRC term concluded on June 30. The Chief Minister has repeated that Telangana government workers were the highest paid in the nation, surpassing the Centre.

The state government appointed another committee of IAS officers led by Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar to hear employees’ views on the recommendations, and in March 2021 announced the revision of pay scales with a 30% fitment with effect from April 2021 and an increase in retirement age.

IR Telangana Impact on Job Security

One of the primary concerns for employees in Telangana is job security. The state government has taken steps to promote job security through various measures. The introduction of the Telangana Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Rules, 2019, is one such example. 

These rules require industrial establishments to define and publish clear standing orders, which outline the terms and conditions of employment, disciplinary procedures, and grievance redressal mechanisms. This has provided employees with a greater sense of job security and transparency in their workplaces.

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Wage Revisions & Benefits

Wage revisions and benefits are crucial aspects of industrial relations. Telangana has witnessed several wage revisions in recent years, benefiting a significant number of employees. The government has also introduced various welfare schemes and benefits for employees, such as health insurance, housing, and education allowances for children. 

These initiatives have not only improved the overall standard of living for employees but have also contributed to a more harmonious work environment.

Challenges & Concerns

IR Telangana has made progress, yet it still faces issues. The informal labor sector, where most workers have no contracts or job security, is a major concern. To defend this sector’s rights, the government must provide formal employment benefits.

The skill gap in several sectors negatively impacts labor employability. To close this gap and improve employee growth and career promotion, the state must invest in skill development programs.

Implications for Employers

It is imperative that employers across Telangana give due consideration to the distinct segments of the Master Scale and its implications for their workforce. Organizations now have more chances to attract and retain talent by providing competitive and equitable remuneration packages thanks to this complete change.

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