Maldives Election 2023 Result – Who will become the President?

Maldives Election 2023 Result is likely to be out on 28th September, because no winner is yet declared for the poll that took place on 09th September, because no fielded candidate get more than 50% votes, a total number of 219,498 valid votes registered, out of which, Mohamed Muizzu, who is member of Progressive Party of Maldives and People’s National Congress got 101,100 votes, which is 46.06% of total, to learn more about the 2023 Maldivian presidential election, stay tuned.

Maldives Election 2023 Result

2023 Maldivian presidential election for first round is already held on 09th September 2023, result for which is already declared, but no president is elected yet, because none of the candidates got more the 50% votes, to be elected as president after the poll, it is mandatory that one must get at least more than half of total voting turnout. To elect the president the second round of polling is all set to take place on 29th September 2023 and the result will be declared i.e. the president of Maldives will be elected, who will have received more than 50% votes.

You may check out tabulated data to check the result for the presidential election held on 09 September 2023.

Candidate  Running Mate Party 09th September 2023
Votes  Percentage 
Mohamed Muizzu Hussain Mohamed Latheef Progressive Party of Maldives 101,100 46.06
Ibrahim Mohamed Solih Mohamed Aslam Maldivian Democratic Party 85,809 39.09
Ilyas Labeeb Hussain Amr The Democrats 15,453 7.04
Umar Naseer Maaz Saleem Independent 6,348 2.89
Qasim Ibrahim Ameen Ibrahim Jumhooree Party 5,535 2.52
Ahmed Faris Maumoon Abdul Sattar Yoosuf Independent 3,004 1.37
Mohamed Nazim Ahmed Adheel Naseer Maldives National Party 1,892 0.86
Hassan Zameel Mariyam Aleem Independent 357 0.16
Total  219,498 100.00
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Once the 2nd round election results are released, we will update the details inside the table available above.

2023 Maldivian Presidential Election Results Date

Result for the 2023 Maldivian presidential election held on 09th September is already made public, current President of Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, who belongs to Maldivian Democratic Party got only 85,809 votes, which is 39.09% of total. In the last presidential election, which was held on 23rd September 2018, he got 134,705 votes, which was 58.38% of total. The 2nd round election date is already announced, and it will take place on 29th September, if Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is able to get more than 50% of the vote, he or she will be again elected as President of Maldives.

Maldives Election 2023 Result

Maldives Presidential Election 2023 Candidates 

In Maldives, one can be elected as President only for two times, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has already completed the first five successful years, if he wins the 2023 presidential election then he can serve his country for the 2nd and last time as President. In the presidential election second round, same as the first round, eight candidates will participate and the one who will get at least more than 50% votes to total turnout will be elected as President, know the name of the candidate and part from below.

Candidate Party 
Ilyas Labeeb The Democrats
Mohamed Muizzu People’s National Congress
Ibrahim Mohamed Solih Maldivian Democratic Party
Mohamed Nazim Maldives National Party
Qasim Ibrahim Jumhooree Party
Hassan Zameel Independent
Ahmed Faris Maumoon Independent
Umar Naseer Independent
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Out of eight candidates, three: Hassan Zameel, Ahmed Faris Maumoon and Umar Naseer are contesting Individually, in the first round they have got only 357, 3,004 and 6,348 votes, respectively.

Where to check the Maldives Election Results 2023?

After the voting turnout on 29th September 2023, each and every single person will be able to check the result by visiting the official website of Maldives Election Commission, which is accessible only at To check the votes count and percentage, one has to visit the official website of Maldives Election Commission and navigate to the result page.

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