John Wick 5 Release Date, Shooting, Cast, John is Dead or Alive, Trailer

The ending of season 4 of John Wick has left the fans mesmerized about whether John Wick is really dead and whether there will be a new season, John Wick 5. The answer to the questions is given in this post. So, if you are also confused about the possible fifth season, you must scroll through the entire article until the last end. Everything about John Wick 5 Release Date, Shooting, Cast, and Trailer is explained in this post.

John Wick 5

The ending of John Wick has left the hopes of the fans for the new season 5. John Wick: Chapter 4 ends with his death due to the wounds of his injuries sustained and Winston and the Bowery King burying him next to his wife. Now fans are wondering how can be the new season possible without John Wick.

But if we look up to the statement made back in 2020 by Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer, there would surely be a John Wick: Chapter 5. At that time, he stated that the preparation of the script of both seasons 4 and 5 was going on and that he was hoping to shoot both seasons back to back.

John Wick 5 Release Date

Now directors Chad Stahelski and Keanu Reeves have cleared all the doubts by revealing that they are open to coming up with a fifth season. But the official confirmation has still yet to come. The news relaxed a little bit to the fans of the John Wick franchise, but still, the question is arousing in mind how can season 5 be possible without having the main lead character? To know about this keep, keep reading this post.

John Wick 5

John Wick Overview

Movie Name  John Wick 5
Director Chad Stahelski
Years Present 2014
Seasons Release till now 4
Media Franchise Created by Derek Kolstad
John Wick Season 5 Release date Yet to confirm
Lead Role Keanu Reeves (John Wick)

Is John Wick Dead or Alive?

Although John Wick died of his wounds at the end of the fourth season, his gravestone is shown in the conclusion. But the shoemaker has not shown his dead body, which still gives us hope that he will return for the fifth season. Hence, there is a buzz that the makers have faked his death, and he will definitely appear in the fifth season.

Director Chad Stahelski, also talking to Entertainment Weekly, gave a teasing statement about John Wick’s death in season 4. He said that he’s got to make everyone believe that he is dead, or he has to be dead or has to kill as a part of his persona.

Further said that it was cool with him; however, the audience took that. Hence his teasing statement also hinted that his death is just a part of the surprise factor for the film, and you will surely see him in the new season.

Keanu Reeves portrayed John Wick, when answering about his possibility to come in the new edition, said that he would be part of the film on the condition that Chad Stahelski would make the movie.

John Wick 5 Shooting Updates

Further, we have no details about the movie’s shooting as there were only rumours circulating the web movie for its possible season 5. All the fresh news about the same will be delivered to you when we get any stuff about it. Hence keep scrolling our website to know more.

John Wick Chapter 5 Projected Cast

Looking at the season 4 end, it’s hard to predict the cast members of the new season. Anyone can be part of the new season now. But we think the movie will not be a John Wick movie without Keanu Reeves.

As the rest of the cast members are concerned, you may likely see Ian McShane, Rina Sawayma, and  Shamier Anderson. We could not see Lance Reddick as Charon in the movie following his untimely demise. More information about the cast members will be updated on his page as soon as we get any fresh updates.

John Wick 5 Trailer Launched

It will be too early to expect the trailer right now. As we have already cleared you there is currently suspicion over the fifth season, so if the movie is renewed for another season, the trailer might not have come before 2024. This section is also updated with time.

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