IPS Preeti Chandra Biography, Age, Height, Rank, Posting, Family

If you wish to read about the first woman IPS of Rajasthan, who is also regarded as the Lady Singham, then remain in this article. Here, we are going to discuss on detail about IPS Preeti Chandra Biography, Age, Height, Rank, Posting, and Family.

IPS Preeti Chandra Biography

Preeti Chandra, the first female SP of Bikaner, hails from the Rajasthani town of Sikar. Preeti Chandra, widely known as the “Lady Singham” of Rajasthan, is well-known for her good deeds and is frequently in the headlines. Since dacoits are afraid of them, there is a significant level of interest in learning about IPS Preeti Chandra Biography.

Preeti has also dismantled numerous gangs engaged in the flesh and people trafficking industries. In her first attempt, she passed the UPSC exam. She is referred to as Lady Singham of Rajasthan and has made sure that law and order are implemented as effectively as possible wherever she has been assigned. In this article, we are going to discus about IPS Preeti Chandra Biography, age, cadre and other details.

IPS Preeti Chandra Age & Height

She was born in 1979, therefore currently IPS Preeti is 44 years old. She was born into a Hindu JAT family of Kundan Village in Sikar District of Rajasthan. IPS Preeti stands at a height of 5’8” or 165 cm, she weighs 56 kilograms.

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IPS Preeti Chandra Biography,

In a government school in her village, Preeti finished her primary education. Preeti had a strong desire to succeed academically from a young age, despite not having access to a high-quality education. At Jaipur’s Maharani College, she pursued her higher education, receiving an MA in the process.

IPS Preeti Chandra Biography Overview

Article IPS Preeti Chandra Biography
Cadre Rajasthan Cadre
IPS Batch 2008
UPSC Rank 255
Birth Date and Place  1979 in Sikar, Rajasthan
Father’s Name Ramachandra Sunda
Husband’s Name Vikas Pathak
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IPS Preeti Chandra Rank

Earlier Preeti wanted to started her career in media. However, after completing her education with M.Phil, she became a teacher in a school. She decided to take the UPSC exam after becoming interested in the civil service, which changed the course of her path.

Preeti Chandra put a lot of effort into becoming a member of the administrative service. In 2008, she passed the UPSC test on her first try without any coaching and was subsequently commissioned as an IPS officer. She completed her UPSC training in Jaipur, where she scored a commendable 255 on the 2008 UPSC examination.

IPS Preeti Chandra Posting

Influential responsibilities and powerful positions have characterized Preeti Chandra’s career which started from being an ASP in Alwar. She made an enduring impression while working as an SP in Bundi, an SP in Kota ACB, and other critical responsibilities. She had also served as DCP in Jaipur Metro Corporation.

Notably, she helped bring to light a child smuggling ring operating in Bundi, which resulted in the capture of a number of infamous criminals, including Hariya Gurjar and members of the Ram Lakhna gang. When she arrested the gang in Bundi that was using teenage girls for prostitution, Preeti Chandra received widespread recognition.

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IPS Preeti Chandra Family

The name of Preeti’s father is Ramachandra Sunda who is a retired Army man. However we are unaware of her mother’s name. There is no information on the public forums about her siblings. She met her husband Vikas Pathak during her IPS training, whom she married in 2010. The couple has a daughter whose name is not known.

Preeti Chandra’s resolve remained steady the entire way, helped by her mother’s support despite her lack of a formal education. Preeti’s husband Vikas Pathak, a police officer himself, supported her and gave her even more motivation to work in law enforcement.

Coming from such a humble background, and access to very minimal education services, the success of IPS Preeti is noteworthy. She is not only the Lady Singham of Rajasthan but also the first women IPS of the area. Her journey will surely inspire many more young talents and people will began to be more active towards education their girl child.

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