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Apple has made the Release Candidate (RC) versions of iOS 17.1 available to both developers and the general public for testing. The newest version of the iOS, version 17, was made available to customers last month and includes new features like Contact Posters, live Voicemail, and the Journal app. Even though the launch went smoothly, some iPhone 15 customers first experienced issues with their phones becoming overly overheated. However, this problem was resolved with an iOS 17 upgrade. Apple has always launched its best products and provided its users with efficiency and great reliability in any way. 

iOS 17.1 RC Update

The iOS 17.1 is an extremely significant update since Apple launched the iPhone 15 & iPhone 15 Pro and iOS 17 in September. Numerous significant flaws with the new iPhones are addressed substantially by iOS 17.1, which also improves certain functions across various iPhone models.

According to a few consumers they have experienced momentary burn-in displays or eavesdropping on the new iPhones, in addition to a controversy over the iPhone 15’s heating. Although it was initially thought to be a hardware issue, Apple is now admitting in iOS 17.1 RC that this was an iOS flaw that also affected older devices and has been fixed with the update.

What issues does iOS 17.1 RC fix?

The iOS 17.1 RC update concentrates on resolving two significant problems that have been bothering some smartphones.  Users who experienced screen burn-in were affected by one of these problems, picture persistence. Apple has offered a cure for what was once thought to be a hardware issue with the OLED (A display technology that creates rich and energy-efficient images using Organic Light light-emitting diodes) panel through software updates.

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 The update’s announcements state that it resolves a problem that could result in creating disturbance for users in a way of displaying image persist. We will discuss some new features that affect in a great way on IOS 17.1 RC in this article.

iOS 17.1 RC Update

IOS 17.1 RC Features

Apple addressed many new features in IOS 17.1 RC which are:

  • Apple Music: Apple has added a new button to Apple Music in iOS 17.1 that makes it easier to find favorite songs. There is a star outline next to the song’s title on the iPhone’s song card when the song is playing. To add the song you’re listening to your Favorites, hit this star.
  • Live Activities Flashlight icon: When you switch on your flashlight in iOS 17.1 a tiny flashlight icon shows in the Live Activities stream at the top of the screen. However, it was unable to duplicate this sign on the iPhone XR, indicating that this feature is most likely limited to iPhones that have support for Live Activity, such as the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max and the iPhone 15 series.
  • Airdrop with Cellular data: When devices with lengthy transfers leave the Airdrop range, iPhone users can use Airdrop over the world’s wide Web. It’s also available on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro, StandBy mode adds additional controls for the always-on display. Additionally, when two iPhones are out of range of one another, Apple now allows you to send and receive data using Airdrop cellular data in iOS 17.1.

Improvements After Updating for iOS 17.1 RC

The following enhancements and fixes for bugs are included in this update:

  • Enhanced device synchronizing reliability for Screen Time settings.
  • Resolves a problem that can make the keyboard not respond as well.
  • Optimizations for detection of crashes (all iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models).
  • Resolves a problem that might outcome in display image retention.
  • A scenario where the names of incoming callers may fail to show up while you are on another call is fixed.
  • The latest update also modifies how the Action button behaves on the iPhone 15 Pro when the Camera application is launched.
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