EMS IPO Allotment Status (Out) Refund & Listing Date

EMS IPO Allotment Status is released on 15 September 2023. Investors who bought the share of EMS Limited between September 08 and September 12, 2023 can allotment status by navigating to https://ris.kfintech.com/ipostatus/ and providing Application Number, Demat Account details or PAN (Permanent account Number). Stay tuned to know the process to check the allotment status for EMS Limited IPO.

EMS IPO Allotment Status

EMS Limited Initial Public Offering (IPO) hit the market on 08th September 2023 and then it was closed on 12th of the same month, investor has already bought shares are now eagerly waiting for the release of allotment status, whose date is already disclosed, it will be made public at https://ris.kfintech.com/ipostatus/ and then each one who bought the share the during the open will be able to track that he or she has allotted the share or not, that he or she has bought.

In case one’s bought share don’t allotted to him or her, in this case he or she will get the refund from the company, whose date is already disclosed, The date is set as 19th September 2023, just a day after the release of IPO allotment status. Limited Initial Public Offering (IPO), EMS Limited is all set to raise ₹321 crores, for which 82,94,118 equity shares were available, investor will be only allotted the share, if they have subscribed it before it was oversubscribed.

IPO EMS Limited 
Allotment 15th September 2023
Refund  18th September 2023
Demat Account Credit  20th September 2023
Listing on BSE & NSE 21st September 2023
Allotment Status  Released 
Allotment Link  Available – Click Here

To check the EMS Limited IPO Allotment Status, one must have required credential(s) i.e. Application Number, Demat Account details: NSDL – DPID & Client ID / CDSL – Client ID, or PAN i.e. Permanent Account Number, each investor who bought the Share or before 12th September 2023 are informed that the date for releasing the allotment status is confirmed by there is no confirmation about the timing, it may be released officially by the afternoon.

EMS IPO Allotment Status

Steps to check EMS Limited IPO Allotment Status:

1). Go to the official website of the Kfin Technologies Limited, which is accessible at https://ris.kfintech.com/.

2). Lookout for an option that reads ‘IPO Allotment Status’ under the section of Quick Links, and hit on it. 

3). Select IPO as EMS Limited, enter your Application Number and then hit the Submit button to check that all your subscribed shares are allocated or not.

EMS Limited IPO Refund 

Refund for Limited Initial Public Offering (IPO) of EMA Limited is going to be released on 19th September 2023 for the oversubscribed shares, the amount will be directly transferred for the respective payment method for all unallocated shares, to get the fund for EMS Limited IPO, one won’t have to do any activity, it will be processed automatically by company, to check that you have received the refund or not you will be able to check your ban account on the refund release date.

EMS IPO Demat Account Credit 

Those who bought shares of EMS Limited during the Initial Public Offering (IPO) between the 08th and 12th of September 2023 need to know that the share that will be allocated to investors on 18th of September 2023 will be credited to the Demat Account on the 20th of September 2023. Note that, only those shares will be credited to the Demat Account of the Investor, which will be allocated to him or her, For the oversubscribed shares you will get the refund and it won’t be credited. 

EMS Limited IPO Listing Date 

Listing of EMS Limited Initial Public Offering (IPO) will take place on 21st September 2023, just a day after the credit of shares to the demat account, it will be listed on both BSE i.e. Bombay Stock Exchange and NSE i.e. National Stock Exchange. 

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