Dhoom 4 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Villain, Trailer, Leaks, Budget

Dhoom 4 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Villain, Trailer, Leaks, Budget: This article covers all the fresh data of the upcoming fourth installment in the Dhoom franchise. So those who are interested in knowing every single bit of information about the upcoming movie, including Dhoom 4 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Villain, Trailer, Leaks, and Budget, should scroll down the entire article.

Dhoom 4 Release Date

Pathan director Siddhartha Anand has set the internet on fire with its latest statement on Dhoom 4. The director, via their official Twitter account, has announced that the shooting for Dhoom 4 will soon kick off with King Khan of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan.

Soon after his tweet, fans began to search for everything about the fourth edition of the Dhoom franchise. Prior to his revelation, there were lots of rumors circulating on social media about the movie, as the audience has eagerly awaited the film since the release of the third installment in 2013.

Although the shooting has not started yet. We have learned from some inside sources that the plot and storyline of the next edition are getting ready, and soon, the shooting will commence. The audience will have to wait for the next year to watch the film as the pre and post-production activities will consume more time. So, fans may possibly get to watch the movie by the end of 2024.

Dhoom 4 Movie News

Movie Name Dhoom 4
Director Siddhartha Anand
Production Banner Yash Raj Films
Genre Action Thriller
Release Date Ending 2024 (Anticipated)
Budget Rs 250 Crores (Projected)
Lead Cast Shahrukh Khan (Other cast members yet to disclose)

Dhoom 4 Cast

Since the film’s announcement was made, people are curious to know the film’s casting. With the announcement, one very sure thing is that Shahrukh Khan will be performing the lead role in the movie. In the previous edition, Aamir Khan performed the lead role and received so much love from the audience, but in the new sequel, the lead role is now replaced by King Khan.

Dhoom 4 Release Date

Talking about the other cast members of the film, we do not have much information at this point. The casting is yet to be finalized. But fans would likely see Abhishek Bachchan reprising his role as ACP Jai Dixit. As we get any related news, more information will be served to you on time.

Dhoom 4 Storyline

The story and plot of the film are presently undisclosed as the makers, at this point, did not want to reveal anything about the film. Hence, for the fans, it would be exciting to know whether the film will continue from where Dhoom 3 left, or it will come up with a completely new story.

Dhoom 4 Villain

Not surprisingly, the main villain in the film is the movie’s central character, Shahrukh Khan. Looking at the storyline of the previous editions, the lead role in the film is the villain. Hence, we are sure that this time, Dhoom 4 will develop a similar concept. More information will be updated for you as soon as we get any precise news.

Dhoom 4 Trailer

We have stated in the above paragraph that the film’s shooting has not even started; hence, it would be foolish to talk about the trailer right now. The predicted time for the film’s release is the end of next year, so you may expect its trailer in November 2024.

Dhoom 4 Leaks

Dhoom franchise films are among the highest-grossing Indian films hence, fans have eagerly awaited the movie. This is why many rumors and speculations have surrounded the film for years. Some rumors stated that Akshay Kumar was approached for Dhoom 4, but the star later clarified that he had never been approached for the film. Also, at the time of the release of the film Thugs of Hindostan by the Dhoom 3 director, there were rumors that the production house had started the shooting for Dhoom 4.

With so many rumors already circulated about the film, we finally got to know confirmed news that Siddhartha Anand will direct the upcoming fourth installment, and SRK will be portraying the lead character.

Dhoom 4 Budget

When SRK is in the movie, you cannot expect the film to be made on a small scale. Hence, to justify his persona, the movie has to be made on a large scale. Moreover, the budget of the previous edition of Dhoom is also high; hence, it is fair enough to say that the film’s cost will go high, and it will be among the highest-budgeted films in Bollywood.

Dhoom 3, released a decade ago, had a budget of Rs 100 crore, which was very high then. So, based on this, we can estimate that the Dhoom 4 budget will likely touch Rs 250 crore.

I know you must be as excited about the upcoming movie as we are. So keep in touch if you want to know the latest rumors and events circulating the much-hyped film Dhoom 4.

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