Delhi Bazaar Portal – CM Kejriwal Launched, Link, Registration, Dates

Read this article for updates on this revolutionary scheme, the Delhi Bazaar Portal – CM Kejriwal Launched, Link, Registration, and Dates.

Delhi Bazaar Portal

Delhi’s markets will gain notoriety on a global scale thanks to the Delhi government. This will be accomplished by creating a virtual market named Delhi Bazaar Portal that would house all of the national capital’s stores. The administration will advertise the “Delhi Bazaar” online, which enables anyone in the world to visit the newly launched website.

The Delhi government wants to bring a sizable number of international clients to Delhi Market with this program, which is modeled after the Dubai Market Festival. This portal will bring in new opportunities for the shopkeepers and small scale businesses in Delhi. If you are interested in knowing more specifics regarding the Delhi Bazaar Portal, then remain on this page and continue reading.

Delhi Bazaar Portal Launched

While addressing the Chandni Chowk Shopping Festival, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal made a global announcement on the launch of the Delhi Bazaar Portal. The CM stated that the government is pro-business and pro-industry and has taken several steps to encourage business expansion at the launch.


According to the CM the Delhi Bazaaar Portal will allow customers to virtually tour Delhi’s markets, and make purchases of their favourite goods. In addition to this, the CM stated that he would be planning the “Delhi Shopping Festival” on a large scale, noting that this event would be the first of its kind, would last for seven to ten days, and would be intended to make a lasting impression on attendees.

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Delhi Bazaar Portal Overview

Article Delhi Bazaar Portal – CM Kejriwal Launched
Announced By Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal
Launch Date To be declared
Announcement September 17, 2023
Developing Organisation Dialogue Development Commission (DDC), Delhi
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Delhi Bazaar Portal Link

An active link to take you to the Delhi Bazaar Portal is not active yet. Since the creation of portal is currently ongoing. The portal is being created to list shops and prodcuts for an easy access and purchase by the potential buyers.

Greetings, visitors. You must wait a while before submitting an online application for this Web Portal for Delhi markets. We will offer you all the information you need as soon as the officials disclose it regarding the portal URL. Therefore, keep checking back with us for updates.

Delhi Bazaar Portal Registration

Thousands of merchants and store owners can sign up on the Portal and start selling their goods there. While many businesses have already posted their products online, not every shopkeeper has the means to build a website and promote it. While many businesses have already posted their products online, not every shopkeeper has the means to build a website and promote it.

A large number of stores will be able to register themselves on the Delhi BAzaar portal as it slowly opens up to everyone. In order to register yourself up Delhi bazar hotel you need to visiting its official website. Then you will have the option of vendor registration or customer registration, you complete your registration as per your choice. Then the portal will generate a unique Login password and ID which you can use later while surfing or exploring the website.

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Delhi Bazaar Portal Dates

The Delhi CM has reaffirmed that the portal creation is underway on September 17, 2023. However, he has not announced the date on which the portal will go live.

It was being reported that initially the portal will run with 10,000 registered vendors for 6 months and then it will get available to all the vendors of Delhi. The information on dates of launch and registered is expected to be announced soon by the Delhi government. We will also update the date of Launch Delhi Bazaar Portal on our page after its announcement.

Delhi Bazaar Portal Featutres

Some of the important features of the upcoming portal is listed below:

  • The vendors will be able to showcase their products to customers around the globe and conduct online sales thanks to Delhi Bazaar site.
  • Vendors can sell their goods outside of India as well as in India. hence, it will help to provide global recognition to our Indian goods.
  • The website will include shops and items so that customers may see them conveniently. Eventually, the firms will grow in number.
  • No matter whether they are GST registered or not, all Delhi shops will be able to sign up for the platform and build unique digital storefronts.

The Delhi Bazaar Portal initiative is going to be unique in its kind, and is going to help the Delhi merchants immensely. If you are interested in knowing more regarding various schemes then please take some time to explore articles on our portal.

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