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On Saturday night in Manchester, United Kingdom, the 5th International Pakistan Prestigious Awards (IPPA) were presented. Ali Malik, CEO of Vision Events International, and Mukhtar Ahmad Chohan, CEO of Lollywood Entertainment, are the IPPA’s creators and brains. Promoting Pakistani talent internationally and projecting a positive image of Pakistan overseas are their shared objectives.

IPPA Awards 2023 Winners List

An annual awards ceremony called the International Pakistan Prestige Awards (IPPA) honors and celebrates the accomplishments of Pakistanis in a variety of industries, including entertainment, fashion, music, and art. In IPPA Award 2023 celebrities from all around Pakistan attend this occasion to honor the accomplishments of other famous people and to take in a night of music and culture winners list are as follow

FILM Category Award List 
Best Film- London Nahi Jaunga
Best Actor in film – Humayun Saeed 
Best  Actress in film – Mehwish Hayat 
Best Director- Ehteshamuddin (Dum Mastam)
Best Actor In A Supporting actor – Sohail Ahmed 
DRAMA category award list
Best Drama- Sinf e Aahan
Best drama Director- Saif e Hassan in (Sang e Mah)
Best Actor Male- Ahsan Khan (Mere Humnasheen)
Best Female Actor – Hania Aamir (Sang e Mah)
Best Supporting Actor- Samiya Mumtaz 
Best On-Screen Couple- Ahsan Khan And Hiba Bukhari (Mere Humnasheen)
LifeTime Achievement Award

Winner- Atiqa Odho

In the IPPA Award  2023 many celebrities are Mehwish Hayat, Humayun Saeed, Sheheryar Munawar, Hiba Bukhari, Ahsan Khan, Ayesha Omar, Adnan Siddiqui, and Yasthma Gill were among the celebrities who attended the event. There were also several energetic acts that night. While London Nahi Jaunga, starring Humayun Saeed, took home four honors in Manchester.

IPPA Star Of The Year (2023)

The IPPA Awards 2023 offered a wonderful combination of anticipated successes and pleasant surprises that equally delighted industry insiders and fans. Last but not least, during the IPPA Awards 2023 ceremony, Shahryar Munawar was named “IPPA Star Of The Year”.

IPPA Awards 2023 Winners List

Prize for the IPPA Awards

Prizes from IPPA Awards Winner 2023  of the first place prize will get $1200 USD ($200 cash prize and $1000 festival scholarship for the 2023 IPPA Festival). Second-place winner receives $600 USD ($100 cash prize and $500 festival scholarship for the 2023 Festival).

  • Top Awards: Every entry will fight for the prized IPPA Photographer of the Year Award, and the top 3 winners will each get a gift that will be revealed later.
  • A gold bar from the most well-known private gold mint in the world will be awarded to the first-place winner in each of the 14 categories.
  • The second and third-place winners in each of the 14 categories will each receive a Platinum Bar from the most well-known private gold mint in the world.
  • Certificates in All Categories: An IPPAWARDS certificate will be given to each category’s first-, second-, and third-place finisher.
  • The IPPAWARDS judges will give select entries an Honorable Mention to recognize talent as they see suitable. The jury will analyze all submissions and choose the winners by evaluating each photograph based on its artistic value, creativity, theme, and style.

IPPA Award 2023 Webinars

The International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) 2023 and each of its six divisions (special interest groups and practice areas) hold regular webinars and online seminars as part of our commitment to provide education, insight, and information and to further promote the science and practice of positive psychology.

Presentations and Interviews for Education offers the chance to hear from some of the most  thinkers, creators, and agents of change in the area and gives our members across the world another platform to interact, network, discuss, and progress their research, discover novel interventions, etc.

Statistics of Performance for the IPPA

During the Coronavirus pandemic in 2021, on March 18 and 19, the inaugural IPPA Evidence in Action Conference was held virtually. We appreciate the many attendees from all around the world who came to the first conference of its kind hosted by IPPA to honor positive psychology. The event was a big success, with hundreds of visitors from dozens of nations, who spoke (together) more than thirty different languages.

More than 60 speakers and presenters in all (over a 24-hour period) came from countries like India, Mexico, Australia, the United Kingdom, Finland, Hong Kong, Denmark, Austria, South Africa, Canada, Romania, South Korea, Ireland, Israel, the Netherlands, Japan, and the United States. We devised a 24-hour program that allowed guests from different time zones all around the world to experience the advantages and effects of positive psychology.

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