Ayudha Pooja 2023 Date, Significance, Rituals, Puja Method 

Ayudha or Astra Puja is an important occasion when people worship tools, weapons etc in their offices or home. This year, Ayudha Pooja 2023 date is on 23 October 2023, Saturday and muhurat will start from 2:47 PM to 3:31 PM.

Ayudha Pooja 2023 Date

Ayudha Puja is also known as Astra Puja which is celebrated in home, offices of India. On the ninth day of the lucky Navratri festival, Ayudha Puja is held. A festival or ceremony is held to honor the tools that one uses to support their way of life. According to Hindu mythology, followers ritually purify their tools with the deity’s blessings by participating in the Ayudha Puja. The day is observed as Saraswati Puja in parts of South India, where students give prayers and revere Goddess Saraswati for her vast wisdom.

Ayudha Worship 2023

This year Ayudha Puja will be celebrated on 23 October 2023. Worship of weapons is called Ayudha Puja or Astra Puja. On the ninth day of the Navratri celebration, it is observed. On the tenth day, or Vijaya Dashami, the weapons are then collected for future usage.  

Puja Ayudha Puja
Date 23 October 2023
Muhurat 2:47 PM to 3:31 PM
Duration 44 min

Despite being a widespread religious phenomenon in India, persons who are directly involved with utilizing weapons, such as royal families, security and defense officials, martial art schools, and Kalaripayattu practitioners, meticulously carry out this ceremony.

Ayudha Pooja Date

What is Ayudha Puja’s origin story?

The main mythological figure of the Ayudha Puja is Goddess Durga, who vanquished the demon Mahishasura when he took the shape of a buffalo. Maa Durga used the tools, skills, and abilities of all the gods to vanquish the demon. Nine days were needed to complete the conflict. And Goddess Durga put an end to the conflict by murdering Mahishasura on the eve of Navami.

As a result, the day is observed as Mahanavami and the Ayudha Puja ritual is carried out.All of the weapons and implements that Goddess Durga wielded are thought to have served their intended function. It was now time to pay them respects and go back to the appropriate deities.

What significance does Ayudha Puja have?

The name of the holiday varies depending on where you are in the nation. This celebration honors the spirit of gratitude for the many tools, equipment, weapons, vessels, books, implements, utensils, machinery, and other things that are utilized in homes, offices, colleges, and other institutions. The day and the ritual are extremely important since they are used to worship and pray for the success of the things that one uses to support themselves.

Ayudha Puja Rituals

Owners and employees worship their most used tools, which are the key resources for their industry, during Ayudha Pooja in offices and factories. All tools are kept on the altar during the Puja ceremony, and the Lord is invoked while reciting holy mantras. The entire ceremony is carried out in accordance with the right shastras and vidhan as outlined in the Vedas.

  • The primary purpose of Ayudha Puja is to worship the tools.
  • Cleaning all the items and equipment that are used in our daily lives comes first on the list of rituals and customs observed on the eve of Ayudha Puja.
  • Tools and other equipment are worshiped with kumkum, sandalwood paste, and Chandan after being cleansed, polished, or ornamented.
  • On this day, both the student and workplace accounting books are revered.

Astra Puja Method

  • Sandal paste is placed in horizontal stripes to deities, objects, and automobiles. The paste is then covered with crimson vermillion tilaks.
  • If you have any at home, the goddesses Saraswati and Lakshmi should be depicted wearing red and white saris, respectively.
  • The cars are embellished with stalks, leaves, and floral garlands from plantains. At the home’s front door, hang the mango leaf torans.
  • In the Puja chamber, fresh flowers have also been utilized to adorn the idols.
  • In front of the deities, arrange the writing supplies, books, and laptops.
  • Combine the puffed rice, jaggery, and fried peanuts from the Ayudha Puja’s Prasad. People also give various things to the gods, such as fruits, white pumpkins, flowers, and snacks.

Why People perform Ayudha Worship?

Ayudha or Ashtra Puja day is also celebrated as Saraswati puja in some parts of South India. Tools, machines or weapons are one of the most important parts of the living and on this day people offer these tools to the Goddess before using them. The meaning and faith behind this is they offer these things to the Goddess and after taking her blessing and permission they use it in their profession or wherever they use it.

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