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Do you want to use two or multiple WhatsApp accounts on your mobile phone? If yes, then congrats because our wishes are just some steps ahead. WhatsApp introduced a new feature to their users to enable them for multiple accounts on the same mobile. We’re providing the capability to sign into two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously today. Now, there is no need to worry about two devices for using different accounts. WhatsApp is providing you with a very convenient way to switch your personal and business without logging out of one.

Whatsapp Multiple Accounts 

According to WhatsApp, users would require a second phone number, SIM card, or phone that supports multi-SIM or eSIM to set up two accounts. After that, users can access WhatsApp settings, push the arrow next to their name, and select Add account.

Only by using the official WhatsApp app can you send secure, private chats. I suggest you only use official WhatsApp and not install any imitations or bogus versions if you want to add multiple accounts to your phone. You can download official Whatsapp from

WhatsApp Multiple Accounts Availability 

Users would no longer need to carry two phones to move between their personal and work accounts on WhatsApp thanks to the multi-account capability. WhatsApp also issued a warning on its official website to users not to download fake apps and to only use the trustworthy WhatsApp app available on the Google Play Store. The corporation has not formally endorsed the iOS version of the functionality.

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The convenience of managing multiple accounts and the continued integration of personal chats, business talks, and other messaging within a single app will be advantageous to users. Additionally, each chat will continue to exist separately complete with its alerts.

WhatsApp Multiple Accounts

WhatsApp New Feature Advantage 

Users of WhatsApp can only sign in with one account on one device at past time. Users who have two WhatsApp accounts with different phone numbers must utilize cloned WhatsApp apps rather than two devices. While having two phones, especially for those with multiple SIM capabilities, can be frustrating, using cloned WhatsApp versions may provide security problems. Undoubtedly, the new tool will help customers deal with these problems.

A multi-device feature that enables you to utilize your account across Android tablets, browsers, and PCs will be released by Meta in 2021 as part of its efforts to make it simpler to use your WhatsApp account on many devices. You are no longer restricted to utilizing your account on a single phone because Meta has enhanced this capability to enable more devices.

Procedure to manage WhatsApp Multiple Accounts 

  1. To set up a second account, WhatsApp claims that users will need a second phone number, SIM card, or phone that supports multi-SIM or eSIM.
  2. Users can then access their WhatsApp settings by opening them, selecting “Add account” by clicking the arrow next to their name.
  3. Then, users can individually alter the privacy and notification settings for each account.

If you are facing trouble while creating a second account then you don’t need to worry because this feature will take some time to spread around worldwide.

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Whatsapp Statistics

According to estimates, there will be 2.78 billion active WhatsApp users in 2023, an increase of 367 million users or 15% from 2022. WhatsApp is the world’s most used mobile messaging application. With 44.93 million downloads, it also tops the list of the most downloaded apps worldwide. In the US, it has 63 million downloads, placing it fourth.

India is the nation with the most WhatsApp users worldwide with 390 million users. According to our Whatsapp estimates, 138 billion WhatsApp messages will be transmitted every day this year on average. 13 billion more daily messages were transmitted through the mobile messaging platform in 2017 than in 2016, which is an approximately 10% increase from 2022.

Some Whatsapp features 2023

  • WhatsApp users now have the option to record and send quick, private movies right in chats with the help of a new feature.
  • One of WhatsApp’s best features was just unveiled: the ability for users to edit the texts they send.
  • To help users secure their private discussions, WhatsApp introduced the Chat Lock function. Individual chats can be moved to a hidden folder that requires a gadget’s passcode or fingerprints to access.
  • The ability for users to exchange HD photographs with others on WhatsApp was one of its biggest features.

In conclusion, WhatsApp always tried to ease the burden of its users. To ease the burden, it is always thinking about the new features which will be very helpful to their users. We have discussed the very recent update from WhatsApp in this article.

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